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Style Diary 2022 - SPICE

Style Diary 2022 - SPICE

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The release of this volume “Spice – Style Diary” by Diego Faverzani was created in collaboration with No Color Sketch & ShowDesk.


This publication opens the doors to the study of the creative process of a Writer, telling the language of Graffiti and the elements that compose it, through clear texts and graphic examples that show the basic styles from the simplest to the complex ones.

The ‘Spice’ volume of the ‘Style Diary’ editorial series collects a historical testimony on the creative processes underlying the sketch and the works that we find on the walls of the city, on the train and subway cars. The book contains 168 pages with texts in Italian and English and 200 original drawings by the artist.


Cover: Soft

Format: Square, 220x220mm

Language: Italian/English

Pages: 168

Year: 2022

Circulation: 300 copies


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